February 27, 2017

Student Scholarships & Awards
Applications available in Guidance Coordinator's office 

For more information please contact:
 Tim Hebert, School Counseling Coordinator

(802) 359-4724 

HACTC Program Awards
These $100 Awards, which are funded by the HACTC Scholarship Fund, are for a student in each program area who has exhibited competence, leadership or excellence in his/her chosen career field while attending HACTC.  The student may be going on to post-secondary education or be going directly into the world of work.  Selection of award winners is by the HACTC program instructors and is awarded during the program segment of the banquet.

Hartford Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
This $500 Scholarship is to be awarded to a student in one of the HACTC Business Programs (Finance & Business, Administration & Information Technology, Computer Technology Applications) who is pursuing post-secondary education in any field of business.  

Bryan R. Moody Memorial Scholarship
This $1,000.00 scholarship is for a dedicated and outstanding student from the Business Administration Program who is planning on attending college with a major in Accounting. Priority is given to Hartford and Lebanon students. If a student is not eligible from these schools, the scholarship may be given to an eligible sending school student who attends HACTC.

Hypertherm Achievement Award in Industrial Mechanics & Welding
These $500.00 awards are for two of the top seniors successfully completeing the Industrial Mechanics & Welding Program. Recipients of the award should be goal oriented & exemplify a strong work ethic and ability to work on teams. Evidence of integrity and positive attitude is required. These awards are determined through an instructor nomination process.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Mascoma Lodge#20
This is a $1,000 award for a technical education student who is pursuing post-secondary education and is in need of financial aid.  The award is for an HACTC student from the sending schools of Hartford, Lebanon, Mascoma, or Hanover and is renewable annually as long as the student remains in good standing and until the student receives the first certification, diploma, or degree in his/her field of study. Deadline is in May. See specific application for deadline.

Four $300 Merit Awards are also available to students who attend HACTC from Hartford, Lebanon, Mascoma, and Hanover for students going onto post-secondary education or directly into the world of work. These awards are based on merit while at HACTC. Instructors nominate students for these awards.

Lebanon Riverside Rotary Award
This $1,000 Award is for a vocational-technical student who has satisfactorily completed their studies at the center. The scholarship is for the student who is going to post-secondary education at a vocational or trade school (not a four-year college program) to further their studies or out to the world of work and is for the purchase of tools or supplies for their career field.  Students may apply and must receive a faculty recommendation which speaks of their worthiness as a candidate from their instructor for this award.  Most improved students will be considered.  Selection of the winner is made by the Riverside Rotary Scholarship committee. Deadline to submit application to Lebanon Riverside Rotary is in May. See specific application for deadline.

Michael Courtemanche Award
This $225 Award is given to a Building Trades student who has exemplified excellence in his/her work and is going onto post-secondary education or into the world of work.  Selection of the student to receive this award is made by the instructor of the Building Trades program.

Nick Newcity Memorial Award
The recipient of the Nick Newcity Award is a Natural Resources student who reflects and utilizes the fine qualities that Nick had. The winner of this award must be honest, hard working, and an excellent team player. Most importantly, this person must be a leader in the classroom who directs his/her classmates in a positive direction. This award is determined by the program instructor.

"Pay It Forward" Culinary Award
The Connolly family "Pay It Forward" Culinary Award is given to a college bound senior enrolled in Culinary Arts, who portrays the following characteristics: hard working, dependable, team player, has initiative, excellent attendance, leadership and is committed to the program. The award recipient is determind by the program instructor.

Quechee Garden Club Scholarship
This annual award of up to a $1,000 Scholarship is for a Hartford High School student who attends the HACTC in Natural Resources or Agriculture or a student from Hartford High School or Mid-Vermont Christian School who is pursuing post-secondary education in the horticultural, floral design, forestry, landscape or agricultural area. Deadline to submit application is in May. See specific application for deadline.

Twin State Chapter of the American Culinary Federation
These are $500 awards for Outstanding Culinary Arts Students who are pursuing post-secondary education. The award winners may come from any regional high school or regional technical center Culinary Arts Program. Applications are available in guidance offices or through the HACTC Culinary Arts Program. Selection of the award winner(s) is by the scholarship committee of the ACF. Deadline is in May. See specific application for deadline.


VSAC Honor Scholar’s Award
This $1,000 award is given to the outstanding Vermont Scholar of the year at HACTC.  Nomination is by the HACTC Guidance Coordinator after reviewing student records. The recipient must be a Vermont resident and a graduating senior at a Vermont High School and a top ranking student both in grade point and rank and SAT scores.  Extra-curricular activities, sports and community service are also considered. Deadline is in April. See specific application for deadline.

White River Lions Club Scholarship
This is a $500 award, which is renewable for a 2nd year, and is awarded to a student from Hartford High School who applies for the award and plans to attend an accredited university, college or technical school following graduation.

White River Rotary Scholarship for Culinary Excellence
This $500 Scholarship Award is presented to a Culinary Arts student who has exhibited excellence in the field and will be attending post-secondary education in the culinary area.  The winner is selected by the Culinary Arts Instructor and approved by the White River Rotary Scholarship Board.

Upper Valley Scholarship Program
Created in 1997 to serve area residents who seek help in pursuing educational opportunities. Awards are made to all students of all ages who are pursuing full or part time study at any post secondary institution, technical school, 2 or 4 year college,universities or graduate schools. The program seeks to identify and support students who's  unique circumstances limit their ability for traditional aid. Applications are due at the Upper Valley Scholarship's Fund address in April. See specific application for deadline.

Clara J. Hill Scholarship of Alpha Delta KappaThis scholarship opportunity in the amount of $400.00 is open to graduating seniors who are pursuing a career in education or a related field. Students may pick up an application packet in the HACTC Guidance office. Please review the application for additional criteria. All packets are mailed to the Scholarship Chair and must be received by May 2, 2016 to qualify for the scholarship. Mailing information is included in the packet.

Carl T. Witherall Technical Scholarship Fund
Student must be a graduate from either Hartford or Lebanon high school enrolling in any accredited vocational or technical post secondary program, including certificate, associate and three year degree programs. And Bachelor degree programs, including but not limited to: engineering, computer sciences, accounting, nursing and other technology areas. Please read application for further details. Applications due in Guidance Coordinator's office in June. See specific application for deadline.


Vermont Association of Educational Office Professionals
VAEOP will recognizes a higher education Vermont student who is going to or is enrolled in an educational, office-related business program with a $1,000.00 annual scholarship. The award recipient must be a full time student and demonstrate several areas of criteria to include: extra-curricular activity, academic standing, community activities, letters of recommendation, and provide an essay entitled, "Why I am Choosing an Office-related Career." The application is available on the VAEOP web page at www.vaeop.org, with a deadline of April 1, 2016.  Please contact Brenda Blodgett, Vermont Student Scholarship Chair @ 802-885-8303 with any questions.

Grantham Garden Club
Each year the Grantham Garden Club offers a financial scholarship to a New Hampshire student pursuing a career in some area of horticulture, landscaping, forestry, agriculture, plant sciences, or environmental sciences. The student must be enrolled either part or full time in a certified college or technical school program. Qualified candidates must have his/her application packet with a letter of recommendation to the Grantham Garden Club by May 1st. Applications can be picked up at the HACTC Guidance Office. Call Vicki Jepson at 603-763-7421 with any questions.

The Carz Club Award
This award is given to two deserving seniors. One from Collision Repair & Refinishing Program and one from Automotive Technology. These awards are determined through a program instructor nomination process.

The Richard Miller HACTC Scholarship
This $1,000.00 scholarship is awarded to a HACTC senior who shows evidence of commitments to community, financial need, and possesses a stable plan for post graduation. A short essay highlighting ones community service and how it makes you feel proud is also required. Selection of this scholarship is made by the White River Rotary. Deadline for application is May 2, 2016. Applications are available in the HACTC's Guidance Coordinator's Office.