June 30, 2022

Joey Russo - Career Technology Exploration

Joey Russo - Career Technology Exploration

My name is Joey Russo and I am a 17 year old student from Windsor High School. I am currently enrolled in Career and Technology Exploration at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center. In this program students get the chance to visit every program in the center to see which one they might find a future in. CTE is worth the time spent during your sophomore year. It is a great experience and it allows students a chance to figure out which profession would best fit their individual skills. The class provides students with various experiences before they may return for their junior and senior year, starting them on a path where they hopefully find success. The CTE program provides students a fresh start and access to a new reputation, leaving their past behind. HACTC appeals to many students because it is more hands on rather than simply pencil and paper. If students tend to learn better with their hands, HACTC is the place to be.

I am glad I was accepted into the CTE program. I went into the classes I wanted to experience. I got my first choice and that was Auto Tech I like working on cars. I went in for my revisit and I got to work with the students in the class on their shop projects. You may visit some programs you may not like, but you at least get the experience, which is the reason for taking the class.  You get to try everything in the HACTC and eventually discover what you like to do, even possibly for a career.

Personally, I learned quite a bit during my time in CTE. I am learning about what I do not want to do and that is as important as learning what I do want to do. I also learned you never know until you try.

I do better here than at my home school. I get my work done with support from the teachers in both the classroom and shops.  At the HACTC, my presence is seen as valuable. HACTC gave me the fresh start I needed to show them what I am capable of.  

If I had not come to the HACTC I would be having trouble trying to figure out with what I want to do with my life. My junior and senior year I am happy to say will be in Automotive Technology. I found what I wanted to be in and they are giving me the opportunity to do it. I am looking forward to being in that class for the next two years. I am looking forward to it and my future.