June 30, 2022

Tayler Larmie - Building Trades

Tayler Larmie - Building Trades

The Building Trades program has to be the best part of high school because the program is very hands on. The reason why it is the best part of the day is because you have a little more freedom than you do in school. We go to the job site and are outside working on the house. Being outside for a couple hours, working on the house gives you a break from the school and other classes. More schools other than Hartford High School are also in this program, so you get to meet new people and make new friends.

Building Trades is a two-year program where you have the opportunity to build a house. The first year, you may do framing, putting up walls, roofing, and electrical. The second year you may do finish work, insulation, cabinets, flooring etc. When you are out on the job site, you always wear a hardhat, safety glasses and a tool belt.  Being safe is one of the biggest part of Building Trades. Some skills you learn are, how to operate different types of equipment, you also learn how to build walls, and how to do electrical wiring. After the house is finished and complete, the house is put up for sale for anyone who would want to buy it.

Mr. Clavelle expects you to always be working and listening when he is teaching you what to do. He expects you to treat this program like it is your job so you cannot be on your phones.  The only exception to this rule is, if you are using your ipods in the program to take videos and pictures which I will explain. When Mr.Clavelle asks you to do a task, you are expected to know what you are doing if you are a senior.  If you are a junior, you have a little more leeway with asking questions. When working on a task you should not fool around because you are working with dangerous equipment that could potentially harm you if you are not careful.   

The ipods in our program is a new one-to-one initiative created by H, our Director. Having ipods in the program was new and different, but we were the first ones to have ipods in our program. Having ipods in the program is cool to use because you can take pictures and videos of what you are doing. After having the ipods for a while, we ended up getting chromebooks as well, the chromebooks are used to make our online portfolio which is a website. The website is where you post pictures of what you are doing, explain what you are doing and how to do it. The ipod and chromebook are used as tools in the Building Trades program not as toys.  So, when you have the ipod with you at the job site you cannot play games on it, only use it as a tool.