June 30, 2022

Wyat Sherman - Design, Illustration & Media Arts

Wyat Sherman - Design, Illustration & Media Arts

When I first walked in the front doors of the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC), I was greeted by happy, smiling faces that were excited to teach. Not only that, but their passion for their own trade reflects in the students that pass by. I am receiving individualized instruction from a teacher who earnestly wants her students to succeed. The staff listens to our feedback and helps create the best environment for its students.

My experiences at the HACTC have been nothing but positive. As a student enrolled in the Design, Illustration and Media Arts (DIMA) program, I have learned that opportunities for real life application are ever-present. I have gained an understanding of the goals within an assignment and the real life deadlines they imply. 

Last year, for a fourth quarter project, we were asked to create a fifty page book. This task seemed daunting at first, but through planning and dedication I found it was a fun and rewarding experience. Through DIMA, I have been able to help my sending school through live work, such as designing prom tickets and decorations for the dance. I never take this class for granted and am happy to walk into class and learn new things every day.

As part of the opportunities provided through DIMA, I joined Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) last year and it helped me achieve accomplishments that I had not deemed possible at first. I participated in an FBLA competitive event called Digital Design and Promotion. This type of competition required that I make an ad campaign for a fictional company that was just starting to branch out. I made a powerpoint presentation for the company and won first place in the state.  As part of winning first place, I received a scholarship towards college and more importantly, an opportunity to compete at the national level. I have gained job experience through FBLA, which enabled me to hone in on my future and give back to the community through service projects. 

Ultimately, through this class I have gained invaluable assets that will help me to succeed on the road ahead.