July 4, 2022

Emily Filiault - Natural Resources

Emily Filiault - Natural Resources

My name is Emily Filiault, I am a student at Woodstock High School attending the Natural Resources program at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center. I learned about the program through former students who have graduated from the HACTC. At first, I was hesitant to join Natural Resources being the only female out of 14 students. After being told how great the environment was at the HACTC and hearing all the great experiences, I decided to give it a shot.

Natural Resources earns you science credits at your home school, but it really should give you history credits too. There is so much to learn in class about the history of not only Vermont, but the whole world. Currently, we are in the middle of a “Glacier Unit”. It is so interesting to learn about how the glaciers 10,000 years ago shaped our topography.

I am currently employed at Snowmobile Vermont, I lead snowmobile tours to visiting tourists. I often share facts about the natural history of Vermont that I have learned from class.The people are amazed. Everything we study is so interesting, I know I will always remember what I have learned.

We also have fun outside of the classroom. We do many outside projects and activities. We take many field trips to see logging operations, potential job opportunities, and to meet many very talented people. All the trips we take are fun, interesting and safe.

In our junior year we do a “Cabin Unit”.  This unit is a competition where teams of two students get fifteen hours to build a 64 square foot log cabin with only a chainsaw and twine. From this project we sharpened our chainsaw skills, learned building skills, and most importantly, teamwork.

To put our skills to work and practice, our class takes part in community service as well. In the beginning of our school year, we help elderly families cut and stack their firewood for the winter.

There's so much to take from attending Natural Resources. You meet great people and you gain so many new and important skills. Every student leaves a changed person. I personally have became more respectful towards people, work, and the environment. Not only am I a better person, but I have so much more knowledge.  I am very glad that I chose to attend Natural Resources at the HACTC!