July 4, 2022

Cosmetology - Nakaya Mitchell

Cosmetology - Nakaya Mitchell

I am a senior in the Cosmetology program at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center, HACTC.  Being a part of the HACTC has offered me more opportunities as an individual than traditional schooling has. I had never been a motivated student because traditional school isn’t something I favor. Up until my junior year of high school I was a student who didn’t care about my grades, didn’t care to do my homework, and if I didn’t pass a test it wasn’t a big deal.

The first day of my junior year when I started HACTC I knew something had to change. When I walked into my program I was instantly happy. I wanted to be there and learn. When I first enrolled in Cosmetology, I’ll admit I was one of those people who thought Cosmetology was all about hair and makeup. I was proven wrong. There is way more to Cosmetology then just playing with hair. Cosmetology is about making people feel beautiful inside and out as well as helping to give people confidence. When it comes to Cosmetology, there is a lot of chemistry involved, math, and even psychology. Almost everything in class is hands on, and I learn best that way.

The feelings I had toward school when I started the HACTC were different than I have ever felt before because the teachers and the staff held me accountable for my actions and still continue to do so.  They have high expectations for my future.  They treat me with respect, like I am an adult. I have an interest in Cosmetology and that is why I am motivated to learn. The HACTC is all about respect and professionalism. It’s calming yet busy and engaging. All the students are mature and friendly.  When you walk into the building you can tell the students have high respect and expectations for everyone in the building.

In June   I will be graduating from Hartford  High School and completing the HACTC Cosmetology program taking with me several hundred hours that I have earned throughout the course of the two year program.  After graduation , I plan to attend The New England School of Hair Design for Cosmetology.  Because of the hours I have previously accumulated, my time at New England School of Hair Design will be shorter than others.  Afterwards, I plan to receive my Cosmetology license in Vermont and New Hampshire, where I hope to start practicing in a salon. After some experience, my goal is to then complete an Esthetics and Massage Therapy program and receive licenses for those as well.

Although leaving the Cosmetology program at the HACTC is bitter sweet, I know that the HACTC has provided me with the tools necessary to survive in this industry. I feel as though any student attending the HACTC would leave with not only skills from their program, but life skills as well.