June 29, 2022

Presenting at Women Can Do Conference

Presenting at Women Can Do Conference

By Meghan Snide, HACTC Automotive Technology & Culinary Arts; 

Every year the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) invites females in each of its programs to attend the Women Can Do conference, an all-day event, held in Randolph, Vermont, in the fall.

Last year, as a Junior in Culinary Arts, I attended Women Can Do activities all day. I participated in activities like practicing knife cuts with culinary arts, helping with an oil change for auto/diesel mechanic, and checking out an ambulance and talking to first responders about how they prepare to arrive on scene, among other activities as well. 

These activities were short but very fun to be a part of. You get to explore different topics, and learn how other women do their jobs and how they made it to where they are today. You also get to learn a little about how to do different jobs that are out there in the world, but may be male dominated.

This year, as a Senior, I am in both the Culinary Arts and Automotive Technology programs at the HACTC. I was asked to present at this year’s Women Can Do conference. Two other students and I showed other women how to use different kinds of ratchets. The electric ratchet was the most popular. As a presenter, I only had one additional activity throughout the day which was Crime Scene Investigation. In this activity we got to put ourselves inside of a crime scene and investigate, sharing what we thought was routine. The women who are Crime Scene investigators shared with us what happens on their day-to-day job. 

As a presenter you have to be able to communicate well. You have to show other people safety risks, proper use, and make sure they have their personal protective equipment (PPE) before they pick up anything you may have brought to show. You also have to use team work, in case one person from your group is not sure about how to do something you can back them up.  

Women Can Do is such a great opportunity to do something that you might not have done before. I would most definitely encourage any women out there to go to the Women Can Do Conference because it allows you to be able to meet people from around the state. It also allows you to meet people who may want to do exactly what you want to do.