July 4, 2022

Job Shadows Helped Prepare Me for My Future

Job Shadows Helped Prepare Me for My Future

My name is Isabella Lukowitz, and I am a senior at Hartford High School. I am also a second-year student in the Business Administration Program at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC). 

I am currently completing a project in Career Research. The project has many different areas of learning including self assessments, career analysis, occupational safety, comparing colleges and creating a career action plan. The project helps students gain experience and learn about careers of interest by shadowing local businesses and industries so that we can get a better understanding of what a job is like before graduating high school. 

Throughout my years in high school I have been undecided between becoming an accountant or a dental hygienist. I completed many job shadows at several businesses in the Upper Valley including Mascoma Savings Bank, A.M. Peisch & Company, Schellnoble Dentistry, Dr. Toby P. Kravitz DDS, and Baker Orthodontics. My job shadow experiences were very helpful and informational. Although job shadowing can be a short experience, I was able to observe and get a sense of what the job is really like. This is a great way to learn whether or not you would feel passionate and have interest in the job. It has helped me to decide that after high school I would like to become a Dental Hygienist. I would like to continue my education in this field, and am considering my college options. 

I am thankful for the work-based learning opportunities I have experienced, and I feel this program and project have helped prepare me for my future.