June 30, 2022

LEARN guides our day at the HACTC

LEARN guides our day at the HACTC By Hayden Tetreault, Career and Technology Exploration. LEARN guides our day at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC), and is arguably one of the most important objectives we have. This is because the other words in the HACTC mission statement are not possible without this one. It is why people can do amazing things here. To begin with, a person has to be able to learn each activity that they do. They also have to be able to learn from their academic and personal mistakes and improve on them. During my time in the Career and Technology Exploration (CTE) class at the HACTC, I have learned a few different things. For most of the people who get to go to the HACTC, it is a great experience and is a lot of fun. I learned that Hartford High School and the HACTC are different schools, but are connected to each other, and strongly promote a caring and sharing culture. I plan on applying for a HACTC program next year, as this year has been a great one for me. One thing I found interesting in CTE was the rotations. At the beginning of the year the CTE students are broken up into three different groups and each is assigned a different class to visit. Almost every week those three groups go out and explore one of the different HACTC programs. Two of the groups would be exploring programs while the third remained in the class getting work done. Then the next week all of the groups move to a different position until all three slots were “rotated” through. This is done so that all of the CTE students can learn about the HACTC programs and hopefully find one that will guide them through the rest of their high school time. I kept thinking about how different this school is from my home school. My home school has more traditional academic class work than most of the programs at the HACTC. At the HACTC it depends on what the program is and what the program does. The learning is more hands-on. Both schools educate students and help them to learn. But at the HACTC a student can sign up for what program they want to do. Thinking about next year, there are a few programs that I definitely would like to be able to do. These programs include STEM, Design, Illustration and Media Arts, and Building Trades. This is because I enjoyed learning about them and had fun doing them. In the end I think that people should have the chance to go to the HACTC and learn about the different programs themselves. Although getting in is not entirely certain, everyone should take the chance to go and at least learn what it is about.