July 4, 2022

"I have learned so much here at the HACTC!"

"I have learned so much here at the HACTC!" By Hannah Schutzius, Design, Illustration & Media Arts. I’ve been homeschooled since first grade. I grew up learning in a different way than most kids my age. My classroom was my kitchen table, and my teacher was my mom. This meant that for me, learning was continuous rather than scheduled. My parents chose to approach learning based on my own interests. However, my mom wasn’t able to teach me very much about Digital Media Arts. When I heard about the HACTC I was so excited that there was a program that could help me gain knowledge in the field I wanted I work in someday. I was a sophomore when I got to visit the HACTC and watch part of the Design, Illustration and Media Arts (DIMA) class. I immediately knew I wanted to go there. When I started here my junior year, I couldn’t wait to get started on my first project. I have learned so much here at HACTC! I grow in my artistic abilities every day, as well as growing as a person. My favorite thing we’ve done in class was probably our photography project last year! I was able to learn a lot more about photo composition as well as editing. Last year I was also able to go on a trip to Fukuoka, Japan, as well. That experience was something I’ll never forget. I learned so much about Japanese culture and Japan itself. I was able to work with a professional photographer who taught me all about studio photography there. I knew going into DIMA that I would learn about art, but what I didn’t expect was to learn so much about myself and time management. I had to learn to work on my schedule and have my work ready for presentation on a due date. I am so thankful to be a student at HACTC.