June 30, 2022

Respect is a Core Value at the HACTC

Respect is a Core Value at the HACTC

By Josh Nicholson, Kate Henggeler, Liam Griffin and Quinn Arthur VonBaltzer

Computer Science

Respect is a core value at the HACTC. Here we believe that treating others with kindness and fairness is one of the most important things that we can do. Each individual in every HACTC classroom has their own quirks and their own needs, and has walked their own path in life and experienced their own troubles. Being respectful is not only a good skill to have for school but also for life. Showing respect can be as easy as holding a door open for someone or saying nice words to someone you don’t know.

Josh Nicholson, Lebanon High School: Respect in the Computer Science program is pretty solid. We all have our complications every now and then, but at the end we pull ourselves together, remember the HACTC Core Values and Beliefs statement, and that we’re here to learn things we like to learn about. No one can learn without being respected.

Kate Henggeler, Hanover High School: As the only girl in my Computer Science class, I expected it to be awkward, but everyone in here is always respectful to me and always willing to help out. I never feel alienated by the others in my class because of my gender.

Liam Griffin, Mascoma Valley Regional High School: HACTC is one of the most respectful environments I’ve been in. With students attending from many sending schools I expected that there would be cliques from each school, but everyone here is super friendly. There doesn’t seem to be any school rivalries in the classroom, and everyone here is treated like one great big family. There is always love and support when needed.

Quinn Arthur VonBaltzer, Lebanon High School: I would say respect around here is pretty good. I feel respected at the HACTC. Despite how I act around others, everyone treats me like a friend. It makes me feel like I’m normal, and I like that a lot.