June 30, 2022

Culinary Arts at the HACTC

“The engagement helps me learn the materials and skills I need to pursue my future.”
Benjamin Ho, Lebanon High School, Culinary Arts

B HoAfter 12 years of school, one factor remains to be an issue for me, getting and staying engaged, no matter what subject it is. I find myself having to spend extra time working on staying engaged with the material taught to me rather than the work itself. There’s one class I have never had a problem with engaging in. The Culinary Arts program at the HACTC has excelled in engaging me with the material being taught to me. On the first day of school at the HACTC, all we did was go over school rules, but Chef Gobeille managed to keep us all hooked and entertained throughout the entire class time. About halfway through the class Chef noticed the class starting to seem bored or distracted, so he stopped in the middle of the lesson and we all went outside and did a personal bonding activity. It was at that moment that I knew I would learn more from this class than I ever had. That is just one of the many examples of the HACTC’s dedication to their students and the student’s engagement. 

For many students, what we are learning at the Tech Center is what will be used in our careers post high school. The drive of our student body’s many passions in combination with the dedicated staff at the HACTC, creates a learning environment that makes engagement not only easy, but genuinely effortless. My plans of working after high school are very accessible and have become a goal I know I can achieve thanks to the HACTC. The engagement helps me learn the materials and skills I need to pursue my future. The staff, students, and material makes it very clear that engagement is not just a priority at the HACTC, but a necessity.