July 4, 2022

Design, Illustration and Media Arts at the HACTC

kelsey 3What working in Design, Illustration and Media Arts (DIMA) means to me is improving my creative skills to help me prepare for my future career. In class we get to work with multiple media forms like graphic design, video production, and digital illustration. One of the projects we recently finished was our Sticker project. We were able to design and illustrate stickers based on prompts given. Some of the prompts included creating a sticker around where you live, a food, and a short quote. I really enjoyed this project because we were able to get creative with the design and stickers themselves. 

One of my favorite parts of DIMA is looking at other classmates’ work. Everyone has a different art style, and I love looking at how we take the same assignment and creatively make them different. My classmates’ work inspires me to push myself to think out of the box and explore new techniques. 

I love working in DIMA every day, so much that most days I do not even feel like it is work. When you do something you’re passionate about and love, it comes quite easily. Art is something I enjoy, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be in the program at HACTC. Next year I plan on attending Suffolk University to major in Interior Design.

- Kelsey Smith, Thetford Academy