July 4, 2022

Automotive Technology at the HACTC

Jordan PlaceAt the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) the fourth word of the Mission Statement is “Work”. I feel like a lot of the students that attend the HACTC come here to get a feel for what it will be like to work a full-time job after high school. 

The staff here works to get their students opportunities for good jobs in the field of work that they choose to be in. Mr. Hoffman helps every student he can get into Co-ops, which I think is very helpful. Getting into a Co-op while still attending the Tech Center helps students take what they have learned in their programs and apply it to a real work environment. 

I think that for a lot of the HACTC programs the extensive amount of equipment and supplies is very helpful in creating a work environment, where students can apply what they learn in the classroom into a hands-on learning experience in the shop. In my experiences at the HACTC I have noticed that the teachers and other staff members adjust their way of teaching to help make it work for each student’s individual style of learning. In my two years here at the Tech Center I have seen how supportive H and Mr. Farnsworth are of all their students. Even in a year where everything changed drastically during the pandemic, the staff at the HACTC took the necessary safety precautions to make sure that all the students can still attend and learn things that will be important to know after they leave.

I like attending the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center because it doesn’t feel like I’m going to normal school because I get to learn about things I want to learn about.

- Jordan Place, Windsor High School