July 4, 2022

Cosmetology at the HACTC


The Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) has been a great addition to our high school experience. We are both Juniors in the Cosmetology program. Violet is from Woodstock and Bella is from Hartford.  

In the HACTC, respect is a huge component of our culture. It is shown through many actions of the teachers and students. As a school we make a promise to each other to be respectful. For example, in Cosmetology we always make sure that we are hyping each other up when we do something good. We consistently make sure that we listen to each other’s opinions and take them into consideration. 

Respect isn’t only in our classroom, it is spread throughout the school. In every classroom, others’ success is our success. As individuals we show respect to the community by being welcoming to guests. Together we make sure that when we encounter someone that we are kind to them. We make sure that we compliment our classmates and peers and tell them that they are doing a great job. We also respect others when they are working because they respect us when we work. If someone needs help in the classroom and the teacher is unavailable, other students are always there to jump in and help out. Being respectful also means being professional which means avoiding talking about inappropriate matters. 


As a group we stick together to make each other feel like this is a safe place. Everybody makes sure that everyone feels comfortable and safe. Through respect we have created relationships and bonds with our peers and teachers. When people feel respected they are more open to talking and being themselves.  

So far this year has been an amazing learning experience. Everyone in our class, let alone the whole school, is so nice and supportive to each other. We are excited to continue learning in this awesome environment, and to bring the knowledge and culture we have gained here into the industry when we leave. 

-- Violet and Bella