July 4, 2022


STEMHere at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center Respect is a big part of our school. I am a new student here this year and everyone I have met has been very helpful and supportive. Every morning as you walk in the door staff are outside and in the hallways greeting you as you’re on your way to class. In the STEM program we especially have to work together as a team and be respectful to build our projects. When designing, researching or pitching new ideas to the team people are respectful of your contributions and work equitably together to create a finished product.

For instance in our last project, we had to design a car elevator using some type of mechanical advantage. In my group we chose to use a wheel and axle system to pull up our car. As a team we all relied on each other and our individual strengths and skills to design and build our elevator. At the end we all did a show and tell of our cars and discussed positives and things that could be improved upon, and everyone was super respectful and offered unique ideas to improve upon each other’s builds. Whenever someone needed help we could always ask someone from our team. There were even some instances of other teams helping each other out. Or if you’re out for a day, students are glad to help fill you in and get you caught up for you to be able to contribute to the group. 

Our teacher, G, is also very respectful to the students and will help them out in whatever way he can. You can always ask for help or be walked through something until you understand it. Especially in STEM it is understood that everyone’s voice matters to help build and design. 

I appreciate that this school allows you to feel respected and part of a team. 

-- Nate Hill from The Sharon Academy