June 30, 2022

Design, Illustration and Media Arts at HACTC

TT car artWhen I first started my studies at the HACTC in the Design, Illustration and Media Arts (DIMA) program, I wasn’t nearly as skilled as I am today. DIMA has given me the opportunity to practice and improve my skill level immensely. Every week we have an art prompt called “The Art of the Week”. We use different Adobe softwares to create these pieces, plus we have different projects and critiques to further our learning. DIMA prepares students for their next steps in the art world and gives them the opportunity to try new ways of art. Personally, DIMA helped me discover my next steps after high school. It is an awesome program and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in art in any form. 

My favorite piece I created so far in DIMA is this piece on the left. It is the inside of a 1969 Chevy truck. My goal for this piece was to capture the detail and retro aspect of the truck in a modernized way. I used Photoshop to design this piece. I started this piece with a simple, very small outline of the inside of the truck, which I then traced over with a bigger outline, giving the truck design a graphic feel, which I loved. From there I chose some bright colors to add a splash and run highlights through the truck, then I added some darker more neutral colors to keep the retro, realistic feel. I also gave the truck a bench seat and some upbeat designs as well. I absolutely love the way this came out. I’m so happy with the detail and color I added to it. This is probably one of my favorite illustrations I’ve done, and definitely one of the ones I am most proud of. Honestly, I don’t know if I would change anything. The only other thing I would do is try different colors in it. This piece really challenged me to try new things in design and to add as much detail as I could. It let me use my imagination in any way I wanted to. I’m so happy I took on this challenge and tried something new. I think my work paid off very well in the end. This piece pushed me to continue to want to practice and get even better than this in my work.


Trinity Thibodeau
Hanover High School
Design, Illustration and Media Arts