October 2, 2023

Building Trades at HACTC

NBHello, I’m Noah Buchanan and I’m 18 years old. I live in Windsor, Vermont. I am in my second year of the Building Trades program at the HACTC. I started attending this program because I like working hands-on, and especially when building things. One thing I like about building things, especially the house we are working on at the HACTC, is to see the progress we do every week. We are only out there an hour or two every day, but we get a lot of work done. We have just finished installing the drywall, and soon we will start working on flooring and trim. After, we will start the finish work to wrap up the house! 

My twin brother, Caleb, also attends the HACTC in the Health Science Program. This is where we are a little different. Caleb is more interested in the medical field, and I’m more into building things. But we do have a lot in common as well. We both like old cars and trucks. He’s got an 1983 Chevy K10, and I’ve got a 1984 Mustang, both that are getting a fresh coat of paint.

In addition to my interest in building things, I recently started my own business, Buchanan Lawn Care LLC. I have been mowing lawns for years, but this year I wanted to expand, and take on many new customers. I have customers in Windsor, Plainfield, Cornish, Meriden, and White River Junction. About seven years ago I started mowing my neighbor’s lawn. And every year since then, I’ve been adding more. I enjoy mowing lawns, and making them look nice, and helping people out with their yard work needs, so that’s pretty much why I started my business. The landscaping business isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so I’m excited about expanding my own business when I finish school.

My third year into my business, my plan is to build my own log cabin. I’ve learned a lot of helpful skills in the Building Trades program, and it has taught me a lot. Also, I am currently working on another log cabin, doing some finish work and some rough framing in Windsor. I would like to build a cabin in the woods as well as a big garage for all of my equipment. 

Noah Buchanan
Windsor High School
Building Trades