July 4, 2022

Design, Illustration, and Media Arts - By Molly Hammond

Design, Illustration, and Media Arts - By Molly Hammond

My name is Molly Hammond and I am a junior at Windsor Jr/Sr High School. I also attend the Hartford Area and Career Technology Center and I am in the Design Illustration and Media Arts (DIMA) program. I went to the HACTC just to look at some of the programs and to get a day out of my school. I did not think it would be that interesting until I went to the Design, Illustration and Media Arts program. It looked like a lot of fun and that you were able to do a lot of different projects and keep busy which is what interested me about this program.

DIMA is a great program and I have already learned a lot about different types of art and about the programs on computers that allow you to make your art even better. In this class you are constantly busy working on your individual project or a live job which can be creating business cards, posters or anything for a company.

Currently in my program, we are doing a photography unit which is made up of several different types of projects. Some of the projects include taking pictures of something that is reflective, landscape or architecture. Another project was to take a series of pictures and create a color wheel on the computer. So far this year we have done a lot of fun and challenging projects. One project was to illustrate the fourteen elements and principles and to incorporate the name of the element or principle without making it look like it was just thrown in. Some other projects we have completed were to write a poem and illustrate it, create our own political cartoon, and make posters for the preschoolers on various themes.  

In order to have a successful class you need a successful teacher. Mrs. Allard is a great teacher that takes time with all her students to explain how and what to do. She is very patient and has a wonderful relationship with all of her students. She is willing to do whatever is needed to have each and every one of us succeed.

 If you have any interest in design illustration, I would recommend this class to you. It has been a wonderful experience for me and for everyone else in the class. Being only in part of my first year, I am excited to see what new things I will learn in the future.