June 29, 2022

Cosmetology - By Jesslyn Halford

Cosmetology - By Jesslyn Halford

My name is Jesslyn Halford and I am currently a senior at Hartford High School.  I also currently am in the Cosmetology program at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center. Every day my class members and I take a bus to the New England School of Hair Design where we learn about Cosmetology. Next year, the Cosmetology program will be on the HACTC campus.

 Our Cosmetology program is fun if you like to try different things with hair and if you want to learn how to do the basics.  People in the class are nice and easy to get along with. Everything in the class is easy to find, so we never have to waste time and can get started as soon as we get to class. We start off with the easiest techniques, such as braiding and we work our way up to the harder topics, such as coloring. In Cosmetology right now we are working on perming, the various techniques of the topic and executing them with mannequin.

 The major project we have been working on this year is making our own salon, which we can make however we want.  We have had to choose a location, furniture, walls, floors, supplies, all the essentials to running a salon.  By doing this project we know how much it would cost to run our own salon and all the materials we would need to make it a successful one.

 The best part of our program is the teacher, Mrs. Dunham, she always says good morning, and she gives you the motivation you need to get your work done.  Mrs. Dunham shows you what  to do when you get stuck and is a great person to talk to about anything.  Her knowledge is vast which helps us learn the information that much faster.

If you want to try something new or want to try cosmetology, I suggest you try it here at the HACTC.  I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, that you might enjoy it?