July 4, 2022

Skills USA - James Fadden & Tim Grace

Skills USA - James Fadden & Tim Grace

     Want to see how you rank against other students in the state of Vermont? At the Skills USA competition in Burlington, Vermont, We competed against various students, showing others our skills and knowledge.  The Skills USA Competiti on is just that, a competition where Career and Technical Center students get together to test their skills and their knowledge against each other.  

     At the competition, we competed in Collision Repair and Automotive Refinishing.  We met at the Direct Auto Body shop in Burlington and showed the judges what we have learned over the past two years at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center. We had to demonstrate bodywork, remove dents from fenders, and show how well we can paint. In addition, we had to do a math component in the estimating competition.  From each competition there are two possible winners as each student competes in two separate competitions.

     As a contestant you receive various door prizes and raffles as part of the fun of the competition.  The prizes are tools that are related to your field of skill and vary from clamps, air wrenches, grinders, paint guns, filters and more. Beyond the door prizes and raffles are the scholarships you can win to various colleges.  These scholarships can range from a few hundred dollars to a full scholarship.  There is also the opportunity to compete at the National level if you win your individual competition at the State level. 

     We would encourage other students to join SkillsUSA and to be involved and show how skilled you are.  It is also really cool to be able to test your skills, and to show yourself all that you have learned.