June 30, 2022

Nathan Guarino - Design, Illustration & Media Arts

Nathan Guarino - Design, Illustration & Media Arts

Have you ever picked up a pencil and stared at blank paper, intrigued by what you could fill the empty, white space with? Have you ever glanced up at a beautiful view and noticed what a stunning scene of nature of it is? Ever wanted to capture that stunning scene and keep it forever? Have you ever watched a film, and been inspired by its contents, so much that you watched it again and again? Ever wanted to create your own? Well, what if I told you all of this was possible, and in high school, where you use up-to-date Macs in a lab with professional equipment and software? What if I told you that you could take a class where you learned and developed skills for two years, and gained credits in art, doing what you love? This class is called DIMA.

What is DIMA? Many people ask this very question, not knowing exactly what this class is about or what happens in it. Well, DIMA stands for Design Illustration Media Arts and is a technical course at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) where one studies graphic design, illustration, photography, videography, claymation, and animation. Not only does one study all of these subjects in depth, but the class is loaded with a tremendous amount of hands-on projects where the students create their own pieces of work using the associated equipment and software related to the certain project (Making video/Filming, Capturing and editing photos, Creating illustrations and logos, ect…). There is always a fun project to work on, and there is always room for an infinite amount of creativity, allowing students to use the many great ideas they have. And if one is ahead in class, there are dozens of live-job opportunities where one can create a piece of work for a real-life company in the community and gain money for the DIMA program.

But wait, it gets better. What if I told you that not only would you develop skills using professional software and equipment by doing fun-filled projects, but you would also learn how to set yourself up for your future, creating a professional portfolio and resume for college and for your future career? Well you would.

This is all made possible by the amazing teacher Felicia Allard at the HACTC, and she can be your teacher, too, if you answered yes to any of the questions at the beginning of this article. All you have to do is apply as a sophomore in high school.