June 30, 2022

Nick Kempton - Industrial Mechanics & Welding

Nick Kempton - Industrial Mechanics & Welding

Industrial Mechanics and Welding is one of the most memorable and interesting classes that I have taken throughout school.  There is always something different to do everyday. I actually look forward to coming to school because of this class. We do so many different things: we weld, do electrical works, build electric cars, use milling machines, plasma cutters and more.

If you are a hands on person, I would strongly suggest taking this class. You will never get bored in this class; I guarantee it. IMW is a great class to take if you like to work and work hard. So, if you plan on taking this class, plan on coming to school ready to work. Another good thing about taking this class is being able to stay in here for three class periods.  This allows you plenty of time to finish up projects that you are working on.

One of my favorite projects that we have been working on is the super Mini Cooper.  We have completely stripped the car and are rebuilding it from scratch. We are also building an electric Camaro and a M151 military jeep, which is being built from aluminum.

If you enjoy making things, doing different projects every day, and being able to keep the cool things you make, then IMW is the best class for you to take as a high school student.