June 30, 2022

Congratulations, Robotics Team 95

Congratulations, Robotics Team 95 Congratulations to Team 95 - the Grasshoppers!

          We are pleased to announce that FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 95, The Grasshoppers, is having another great season.  Team 95 is composed of high school students from Lebanon, Hartford, Hanover and Mascoma as well as some home schooled students. They are coached by local engineers and technical professionals, some of who are alums of the team themselves.   FRC presents a new challenge every year in January. The students and coaches then have a mere 6 weeks to build a robot that can complete the challenges.

    This year's challenge called "Aerial Assist" is played by two competing alliances of three robots each on a flat 25 x 54 foot field which is straddled by a truss suspended just over five feet above the floor. The objective is to score as many points as possible during a 2.5 minute match. Robots try to maximize points by throwing balls over the truss, catching balls launched over the truss, and scoring in the high and low goals on the far side of the field.  Bonus points are awarded for passing or throwing the ball from robot to robot.  Team 95 chose to focus on building a robot that could catch the ball and also could pick up and deliver the ball efficiently to the low goal.

            In Nashua, NH on Feb 28- March 1, Team 95 was selected to join an alliance in the elimination rounds of the competition.  Although their alliance didn't advance beyond the quarter-finals, Team 95 finished in 7th place out of the 39 teams in attendance.  This past weekend in Hartford, CT, the team was also selected to join an alliance in the elimination rounds of the competition.  Although they didn't advance beyond the quarterfinals, it took 3 close matches to decide which alliance would move on and they played very well and once again executed their game strategy effectively.  The team was also visited numerous times by various panels of judges and they took home the Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox for their innovative use of a braking system on their robot which made it difficult for an opposing robot to push their robot out of its desired position.  Congratulations to all the students and coaches who spent countless hours designing, building, programming and competing!  The team built another great robot and should be proud of the accomplishments and outcomes at both regular season competitions this year.

    A great big thank you goes to the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC) for providing shop and classroom space for the team to work in again this year.  Thanks also to our other sponsors this year: Lebanon High School, HACTC Industrial Mechanics and Welding, HACTC Engineering and Architectural Design, CRREL, the Byrne Foundation, BAE Systems, Hypertherm, Geokon, Carroll Concrete, R. Meador, Spyder, R. Alvarenga, AB Gile, Banwell Architects, Co-op Food Stores and Pink Elephant Designs. Thank you parents and family for supporting your students during the 6 week build season and by coming to competitions near and far to cheer on Team 95.

    The team is always looking for new student members as well as adults to serve as mentors and coaches.  A technical background is not required as there are many areas for students and mentors to become involved in.  There are also opportunities for team parents to assist in various ways during the season.  If you or your business would like to sponsor Team 95, donations both large and small will be graciously accepted.  To find out more about any of these opportunities, please contact Head Coach James Cole-Henry at jamesch13@gmail.com<mailto:jamesch13@gmail.com>

        If you wish to see Team 95 complete 2 catches thrown over the truss, check out minutes 2:15 and 2:50 at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4XBdnxVhn0

     Or you can visit Team 95's YouTube channel for more matches from Nashua and with video from Hartford coming in the near future: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRXcfSYmEfn7XpdtmPtiFZA/videos

    For more information about FIRST, visit http://www.usfirst.org/