June 20, 2021


Dear Students, Families, and Community Members:

On a daily basis I am awestruck at the amount and magnitude of learning that takes place at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center (HACTC). Yes, that is a bold assertion to open with, but in a letter meant to welcome you to a resource focused solely on the HACTC, anything less would be misleading. In short and simply put, the HACTC lives as an incredible school. I am proud of the learning that happens here and am excited to share with you some information that provides the foundation for it.

To begin, a professional and caring staff exists at the center of all the learning that takes place at the HACTC. This staff has dedicated itself to connecting all students, regardless of strengths or challenges, with practical, hands-on program curriculums. These curriculums prepare students for both post-secondary education and work-force employment, a duality necessary for success in today’s job market. And it is these curriculums that are outlined here in this program guide. So please, use this resource to explore the fourteen programs that the HACTC offers: read the course descriptions and notice other pieces of information like each program’s Industry Recognized Credentials or Concurrent Enrollment opportunities. Most importantly, though, generate a list of questions and contact me so that I may answer them for you. I want to do everything possible to help make the HACTC a very real educational experience for you or someone that you know.

In closing, there is a lot of information here, but if you want more specifics about the daily learning that occurs at the HACTC, please see our school’s Facebook or Instagram pages, or visit www.hactc.com. Thank you for your time. 


Douglas Heavisides
Director, Hartford Area Career and Technology Center
802-295-8630 or heavisidesd@hartfordschools.net